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Finding Great People

Recently, the Ukiah Police Department presented our annual performance report to the Ukiah City Council, which highlighted our most important success: decreasing crime in our community. I am proud to announce that last year, crime decreased by 15 percent, continuing a five-year trend that has included a 25-percent... (Read more)

One Child Can Change the World

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, making it the perfect time to thank all of our teachers for the fantastic work they do. Teachers make our world a better place; they influence, guide and support students so they can achieve great things. To celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, the National Education... (Read more)

Hot Topics

For several years, I’ve written this weekly column about topics affecting safety in the Ukiah Valley, covering everything from local crime to school safety, and even community events. So many things influence safety in our community, and I appreciate the Ukiah Daily Journal’s support as I share information to try... (Read more)

Performance Review 2018

It is important for organizations to evaluate their performance regularly. It helps them understand what they’ve accomplished, where they stand compared to previous years and current goals, and most importantly, what to focus on in the coming year. Here at the Ukiah Police Department (UPD), we’ve developed a... (Read more)

The Thin Gold Line

Regardless of your emergency—whether it’s a crime in progress, a medical crisis, or a fire threatening your home—the first person who answers your call for help is a dispatcher. Even though dispatchers can't see what’s happening, they serve as the eyes and ears of our first responders, the guiding angels who... (Read more)

Look, Signal and Look Again

It should be simple and safe to cross the street: always use a crosswalk, look both ways and pay attention to traffic. But the reality is that crossing the street can be really dangerous. A few years ago, a motorist hit and seriously injured a student in a crosswalk on N. State Street while the student was walking... (Read more)

Crime Fighting and Vegetables?

At first glance, you might not think about a community garden as a crime fighting tool–but I do. Many of our neighborhoods have planted community gardens and in each case, once a garden is established, crime has dropped in that neighborhood. Take the community garden on East Gobbi Street near the railroad tracks,... (Read more)

Burglary Prevention

Did you know that a burglary occurs approximately every 15 seconds in the United States? Even though the average burglary results in a loss of less than $1,600, most people tell me that being the victim of a burglary can feel very intrusive; imagine someone you don’t know going through your dresser drawers and... (Read more)


A few weeks ago, two 12-year-old kids were arrested in Florida for cyberbullying in connection with a middle school student who hanged herself. According to published reports, one of the suspects called the victim names, threatened to expose sensitive personal information, and started rumors about the victim having... (Read more)

A Life-Changing Endeavor

Fifteen years ago today, Ukiah Police Sergeant Marcus Young almost lost his life in the line of duty. I think anniversaries like this are important to commemorate, to recognize and remember the significant contributions that Sergeant Young and so many other law enforcement officers make every single day. Sergeant... (Read more)

Grab Your Hat!

It’s time to grab your red-and-white striped Dr. Seuss hat and pick out your favorite children’s book, because National Read Across America Day is right around the corner! I couldn’t be more excited to tell you about this fantastic day because, as I know I’ve mentioned before, I absolutely love to read. On... (Read more)

Scary Statistics

Did you know that no state has more pedestrian deaths than California? Or that California’s pedestrian fatality rate is almost 70 percent higher than the national average? These are truly scary statistics, and we need to do everything we can to make sure no one from our community becomes one of those statistics. ... (Read more)

Safety · Professionalism · Community Service