Graffiti Abatement Paint/Supplies Reimbursement

Graffiti Abatement Paint/Supplies Reimbursement Instructions 

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1.File a complaint with the City of Ukiah Police Department.
2.Request permission to paint over graffiti from property owner.
3.Purchase matching paint and supplies to cover graffiti. Paint over the graffiti. Take photos.
4.Fill out the graffiti reimbursement form and attach original or photocopy receipts and before and after photos.
5. Submit your reimbursement form to the Ukiah Police Department/Graffiti Abatement:

Mail: Ukiah Police Dept. /Graffiti Abatement; 300 Seminary Avenue, Ukiah, CA 95482 Fax: 707-462-6068 or Email:

Eligible Items:
•Matching paint to cover the graffiti
•Rollers, brushes, plastic drop cloths, painters’ tape
•Cleaning supplies to remove graffiti on windows/doors or other hard surfaces (photos required)

Ineligible Items:
•Paint that does not match original and/or paint to cover the entire building
•Labor costs
•Upgrades including windows, doors, siding, trim, etc.
•Equipment or tools including ladders, paint sprayers, sanders, etc.