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Press release - UPD Case 24-0757 - Seventeen-Year-Old male in Possession of a firearm on school grounds

Pess Release - UPD Case # 24-0757, #24-0769, #24-0770, #24-0771- Seventeen Year Old in Possession of a firearm on School Grounds

 Date:                 04/15/2024     

 Location:        Ukiah High School, Ukiah, CA (1000 Low Gap Road)

Victims:          Seventeen-Year-Old male (resident of Ukiah)

                         People of the State of California.

Suspects:        Braiden Marshall, Eighteen-Year-Old male (resident of Ukiah)

                           Sixteen-Year-Old male juvenile.       

                         Seventeen-Year-Old male juvenile.

                         Seventeen-Year-Old male juvenile.


Violations:     11370.1(a) H&S- Possession of a loaded firearm and a controlled substance (Felony).

                        626.9(b) PC- Possession of a firearm on school grounds (Felony).

                        626.10(A)(1) PC- Possession of a weapon on school grounds (Felony).

                        29610(a) PC- Minor in possession of a handgun (Felony).

                        25850(C)(6) PC- Possession of a loaded unregistered handgun (Felony).

                        422(a) PC- Threaten with the intent to terrorize (Felony).

                        417(a)(1) PC- Exhibition of a deadly weapon other than a firearm (Misdemeanor).

                       11377(a) H&S- Possession of a controlled substance (Misdemeanor).

 On 04/15/2024, at approximately 12:00 pm, Ukiah Police Department (UPD) Officers were dispatched to the Ukiah High School at 1000 Low Gap Road for a report of a fight in the parking lot.  The initial dispatch indicated that one of the involved juveniles was possibly in possession of a knife. 

As UPD Officers arrived at the campus they were informed by UPD Dispatch that a Ukiah High School staff member had detained one of the involved students, and two others, described as males wearing blue clothing had left on foot and were believed to be headed northbound on Despina Drive.

The lead investigating UPD Officer responded to the Ukiah High School office to meet with the school’s administration, while other UPD Officers began checking the surrounding neighborhood for the other juveniles.  A short time later, a UPD Officer located two male juveniles matching the description in the 1500 block of Despina Drive.  The juveniles initially tried to maintain a low profile to avoid detection, but once they were approached the juveniles submitted to detention.

The involved juveniles were identified and questioned, before being released pending further investigation. No knife was located at this time.  Ukiah High School administrators initially believed that the incident could be handled internally, however approximately two hours later a video of the fight surfaced, and the true severity of the altercation was learned.

In the video, two juveniles, both Ukiah High School students, could be seen fighting against one male that was initially unknown to authorities and not believed to be a Ukiah High School student.  As the three juveniles engaged in a fistfight, another male could clearly be seen drawing a folding knife from his pocket, opening the blade, and confronting a juvenile with the knife lowered at his side.

Campus officials conducted a sweep of the parking lot to ensure that the knife or any other weapons had not been left behind.  While checking the parking lot a black satchel was found hidden in a trashcan in the immediate vicinity of the fight.  Inside the satchel, campus officials found a loaded .40 caliber handgun and what they believed to be crystal methamphetamine. 

In concert with the Ukiah High School administration, the Ukiah Police Department dedicated multiple Officers and UPD Detectives to open an investigation into the black satchel, its possessor, and how and why it had been brought on to school grounds.

The two juveniles that had been fighting against the solo male were immediately suspended, and one of them was placed under arrest for fighting on school grounds (violation of 243.2(a)(1) PC).  The other juvenile refused to turn himself in, and the case will be reviewed by the Mendocino County Juvenile Probation Department for charges against him.  Both juveniles, who were students at Ukiah High School are believed by UPD gang experts to be active gang members based on prior knowledge of the juveniles, their clothing, and gang signs being exhibited during the fight.

The male that was seen brandishing the knife in a threatening manner was identified as Eighteen (18)-Year-Old Braiden Marshall.  Based on the video evidence and the victim’s statement, Marshall was placed under arrest for threatening with the intent to terrorize (violation of 422(a) PC), bringing a weapon onto school grounds (violation of 626.10(a)(1) PC), and brandishing a weapon other than a firearm (violation of 417(a)(1) PC).

During the investigation, UPD learned that the third male involved in the fight had brought the satchel and firearm on to campus, and the bag had been discarded after the fight.  The juvenile, a Seventeen-Year-Old male resident of Ukiah but not a Ukiah High School student was identified based on witness statements and past school records, and was subsequently placed under arrest for being in possession of a loaded firearm and a controlled substance (11370.1(a) H&S), being a minor in possession of a handgun (violation of 29610(a) PC), possession of a firearm on school grounds (626.9(b) PC), and possessing a weapon on school grounds (626.10(A)(1) PC).    

On 04/17/2024, at approximately 11:45 am, UPD Officers responded to the Ukiah High School regarding a physical fight between three juveniles. While investigating this fight, a second fight occurred involving two other male juveniles. While investigating the second fight, a third fight broke out between two other female juveniles. These three fights were not associated or connected to the above incident in any way.

As a result of these three fights, six (6) juveniles were taken into custody for violations of 243.2(a)(1) PC, battery on school grounds. One of these six, a female juvenile had an additional charge of 626.10(a)(2) PC, possession of a box cutter on school grounds. All six juveniles were booked at the Mendocino County Juvenile Hall.

As always, UPD’s mission is to make Ukiah as safe a place as possible, and we are grateful for the help and service that we receive from the Ukiah High School administration and staff in assisting in this goal. If you would like to know more about crime in your neighborhood, you can sign up for telephone, cellphone, and email notifications by clicking the Nixle button on our website;





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