Live Scans: Cannabis/Taxi

All Non-Cannabis-Related Live Scans Are Processed Through the Ukiah Recreation Department

The City of Ukiah Recreation Department has a Live Scan fingerprint station available to assist the public for the purpose of pre-employment with non-cannabis-related employment. To schedule an appointment with them, please call 707-463-6231

Cannabis-Related Live Scans

All individuals seeking a Live Scan for Cannabis-Related activities must contact the Ukiah Police Department (UPD) to make a Live Scan appointment.

All cannabis-related projects require a Use Permit. Prior to directing prospective employees to submit a Live Scan request to the UPD you will need to contact the City’s Planning Division to ensure a Use Permit has been issued for your project.

Planning Division Contact: 707-463-6231 or

You will need to make an appointment with the UPD to schedule a Live Scan either by phone at 707-463-6241 or in person at the Ukiah Police Department, 300 Seminary Ave., Ukiah. Live Scan applicants have to appear in person to fill out the “Request for Live Scan service” at the time of their appointment and pay a fee of $79.00, cash only. Applicant must also show a valid ID.

Out of State Residents: Any applicant living outside of California should contact the Ukiah Police Department at 707-463-6241 for instructions on how to complete a Live Scan while out of state.

Taxi-Related Live Scans

More information to follow.