Continually working to promote diversity, equity, transparency, and justice through the adoption and implementation of City practices, policies, and procedures.


The Ukiah Police Department is a professional organization comprised of dedicated, well-trained officers and staff who are committed to work in partnership with the community to provide public safety to the residents and visitors of Ukiah.  Our officers serve by patrolling the City and by responding to calls for police service, performing crime prevention activities, conducting investigations, promoting traffic safety, and apprehending offenders. We are responsible for providing general public safety and public order, and we strive to make a positive difference in the quality of life of our community. 

The department is organized into three divisions which are overseen by the Police Captain who is second-in command. The Operations and Administrative Divisions are commanded by Lieutenants, and the Communitcations and Records Division in supervised by a civilian manager.

Our Communications Center handles all 9-1-1 and non-emergency calls for the City of Ukiah and City of Fort Bragg Police Departments, provides after-hours dispatching services for Electric, Water, Wastewater and other City of Ukiah services, and makes emergency notifications to the community.  

The Police Department has continued to maintain and build its relationships with community and county agencies along with various supportive service providers. We have sustained our memberships on the Continuum of Care Board, RCS Homeless Services Community Center, Ford Street Project, Mendocino County Youth Project, and the Boys and Girls Club. We firmly believe these community engagements and partnerships are key in reducing crime in our neighborhoods and addressing communty concerns.  We have furthered our partnership with Mendocino County's Whole Person Care program to establish a pilot Homeless Outreach Team and continue to develop this program.