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Press Release - UPD Case #24-0658 - Stolen Vehicle

Date: 04-02-2024

Location: Intersection of South State Street and East Stephenson Street, Ukiah, CA.

Victim(s): People of the State of California.

Suspect(s): 1. Hailey Leanne Riley 23-Year-Old Calpella, CA female.

2. Elisabeth Jeanan Shoemaker 42-Year-Old Ukiah, CA female.

Violation(s): 496d(a) PC-Possession of a stolen vehicle (Felony)

Lake County Felony Arrest Warrant.

Lakeport PD Felony Arrest Warrant

Lake County Misdemeanor Arrest Warrant.

Mendocino County Misdemeanor Arrest Warrant.

On 04/2/2024, at approximately 2:18 pm, Ukiah Police Department (UPD) Officers were notified by the FLOCK automated license plate recognition technology that a stolen vehicle was traveling southbound on North State Street in the direction of downtown Ukiah. UPD Officers were able to coordinate and position ample resources in the area, including the positioning of multiple patrol vehicles behind the stolen vehicle as it traveled southbound. UPD Dispatch was able to inform the UPD Officers that the stolen vehicle, a White 1999 Lexus ES300 was reported stolen to the Napa County branch of the California Highway Patrol and the stolen vehicle appeared to be occupied by multiple subjects.

Due to the inherent danger associated with the recovery of stolen vehicles, a high-risk stop was conducted at the intersection of South State Street and East Stephenson Street. The four occupants of the vehicle, three females and one male were detained without incident.

Hailey Riley was identified as the driver of the stolen Lexus. A records check on Riley revealed that there were multiple felony warrants for Riley’s arrest out of Lake County, CA. Elisabeth Shoemaker, a passenger in the vehicle also had a warrant for her arrest out of Mendocino County. Through the course of the investigation the other two occupants were determined not to have committed any crime, and were released from the scene with no charges.

Riley was arrested for being in possession of a stolen vehicle (496d(a) PC) and the three outstanding warrants for her arrest. Shoemaker was also arrested for the outstanding warrant for her arrest. Both females were booked into the Mendocino County Jail, and the stolen vehicle was towed and safely secured so that it could be returned to the registered owner.

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