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Press Release - UPD Case #24-0443 - Domestic Battery & Child Endangerment

Date: 03-21-2024
Location: 500 block of Capps Lane, Ukiah, CA.
Victim: 20-Year-Old Ukiah, CA female.
Suspect: Blake Dylan Bradley Cox 27-Year-Old Ukiah, CA male.
Violations: 207(a) PC – Kidnapping (Felony).
236 PC – False Imprisonment (Felony).
30605(a) PC – Possession of Assault Weapon (12 counts-Felony).
243(e)(1) PC – Domestic Battery (Misdemeanor).
273a(b) PC – Child Endangerment (Misdemeanor).

On 03/6/2024, the Ukiah Police Department (UPD) was notified of an anonymous letter that was sent to the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors regarding a potential domestic violence incident that occurred on the 500 block of Capps Lane, Ukiah, CA. The letter reported that a Blake Cox had assaulted his wife while having numerous firearms in plain view. The initial investigation concluded that no physical altercation or threats had occurred between Cox and the 20-Year-Old victim.

On 03/21/2024, at approximately 3:46 pm, the investigating UPD officer was re-contacted by the 20-Year-Old victim of this incident. During the investigation, it was reported that Cox pulled the victim off a bed, dragged her by her hair for approximately three feet, and kicked her numerous times while holding their small child. Cox was also reported to have prevented the victim from leaving the scene for a period of time. No firearms were used during the altercation.

During the course of the investigation, an assisting UPD officer located Cox’s vehicle traveling eastbound near Low Gap Road and North Bush Street in Ukiah. A traffic stop was conducted on the vehicle, where Cox was found to be the sole occupant. A legally owned and registered firearm was located inside of Cox’s vehicle during the traffic stop. Cox was interviewed and ultimately arrested at the scene.

The 20-Year-Old victim was provided with Domestic Violence resource paperwork.

Cox was known to possess numerous firearms. A detective with the UPD Detective Bureau authored a search warrant, it was granted by a Mendocino County Judge, and served to obtain the firearms at Cox’s residence. A total of thirty-seven (37) firearms were ultimately located and seized. The firearms included handguns and long guns, twelve (12) of which were determined to be illegal assault weapons due to them donning various characteristics in violation of 30605(a) PC-Possession of assault weapon.

Cox was transported to the Mendocino County Jail and booked on the above-listed violations.

The UPD would like to thank personnel from the Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office Investigative Services and the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office for their assistance in this investigation.

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Download: press_release_24-0443.pdf