How to Request a Copy of a Police Report

Crime and Incident Reports:

  • These reports may be released to:
    • The victim(s)
    • An authorized representative of the victim
    • An insurance carrier against which a claim has been made and or might be made
    • Any person suffering bodily injury, property damage or loss
  • Reports will not be released if:
    • The disclosure would endanger the safety of a witness or other involved party
    • Endanger the successful completion of the investigation or related investigations
    • The name and address of a victim of certain crimes will not be disclosed

Traffic Collision Reports:

  • These reports will be released to:
    • Drivers involved in the collision
    • Registered owners of vehicles involved
    • Parents of minor driver involved
    • Passengers involved, listed on report
    • Insurance Companies
    • Those incurring property damage or civil liability as a result of the accident
    • Attorneys representing any of the above
    • Reports are not released to witnesses.
    • Fee for a Traffic Collision report is $10.00

Juvenile Reports:

  • Juvenile Court has exclusive authority to determine whom, and to the extent which information may be released. Release of juvenile information requires permission from the Juvenile Court. Parents of a juvenile victim may receive a copy of certain types of reports only. All others will need to petition Juvenile Court directly for the release of that record.