Forms & Facts

How do I recover Found/Held Property?

  • Please call 707-463-6259 to make arrangements to pick up your property. Property is normally released Monday through Thursday from 8am to 4pm. Property seized as evidence will not be released until an authorization for release has been obtained from the District Attorney’s Office. Please bring proper identification with you when you come to pick up your property. Property will not be released to a third party unless written authorization has been received from the legal property owner. The Property Officer can be contacted at 707-463-6259. 

How do I get a case number for something I’ve already reported? 

  • If you did not get a case number at the time you made a report, or if you have misplaced it, you can call the Ukiah Police Department Records Division at (707) 463-6241. You will need to provide your name, date of birth and type of incident you reported.

How can I pay for a parking citation or file an appeal? 

  • You may pay by mail using the envelope provided.  You may also pay on line using the following link: or via telephone at 1-800-989-2058.  Please include the ticket number with all payments.  If you do not have the ticket, please include the license plate that the ticket was issued to.
  • To contest a parking ticket: When a parking citation is issued, the recipient has the right to contest the parking citation. This must be completed within 21 days from the date of issuance. To contest the citation, please use the above phone number and or website.

Vehicle Release

  • The registered owner of the vehicle needs to respond to Ukiah Police Department to obtain a release form. If the registered owner does not have a valid driver’s license, they must bring someone with them who does. Before a vehicle can be released, it must have current Registration with DMV. A $65.00 fee must be paid to the police department in cash, and there will also be a fee at the tow yard. You will need to contact the tow yard to find out what their fees are. If all requirements are met, you will be issued a release form. Take that form to the tow yard, pay their fees and your vehicle will be released to you.

How can I find out if someone is in jail? 

  • Contact the Mendocino County Jail at (707) 463-6330

Can I check my own criminal record?

  • You can come to the Ukiah Police Department to check your local criminal history within our Department only. There is no charge for this service. You must show proper identification. If you want to check your statewide criminal history you may contact Department of Justice at (916) 227-3835 or visit their web site for application and details.

I want a copy of my police report to prepare for my court appearance. Why can’t I get it? 

  • We cannot release your report prior to review by the District Attorney. You will receive a copy of your report at the time of your arraignment.

How do I file a formal complaint? 

  • To make a complaint against the procedures or employee(s) of the Ukiah Police Department, it is desirable that you come to the Police Department and lodge the complaint with the Watch Commander or the specific supervisor of the employee(s) against whom the complaint is being filed.  However, you may also lodge the complaint with any employee of the Department, you may use this complaint form, or you may telephone or mail to the Department in care of the Chief of Police. To download our complaint form in Spanish, please use this hyperlink.

Special Considerations Form 

  • The purpose of the Special Considerations Form is to provide police officers and dispatchers with information and resources that will allow them to better assist the subject of the form during an emergency or other encounter. Information should include medical conditions, behaviors, preferred method of communications during crisis, known locations if lost, etc.

Completed forms can be mailed to the Ukiah Police Department at 300 Seminary Avenue, Ukiah, CA 95482 or emailed to: