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Press releases from the Ukiah Police Department will appear below. For press releases, please check our Archive.

Press Release - UPD Case #23-1044 - Domestic Dispute

Date: 5-24-2023 Location: 200 Block of Thomas St, Ukiah, CA  Victim(s): Withheld Female + State of California  Suspect: Andru Cambell; 23-year-old male from Ukiah  V iolation(s):   273.5(a) PC – Felony Domestic Battery  273.6(a) PC – Violation of a Domestic Violence Restraining Order ... (Read more →)

Press Release - UPD Case #23-1034 - Assault with a Deadly Weapon on a Peace Officer

Date: 5/23/23 Location: South East Corner of W. Perkins St. and S. School St. Suspect #1: Seivertson, Rachael Diane 34 Year Old Female Transient, Ukiah Charges: 245(c) Assault With a Deadly Weapon on a Peace Officer 243(c)(1) Battery With Great Bodily Injury on a Peace Officer 3056 PC Parole Violation   ... (Read more →)

Press Release - UPD Case #23-0970 - Felon in Possession of Firearm

Date: 05/15/2023 Location: 1200 block South State Street Suspect: Tobias Wood Violations: 11351 HS- Possession of controlled substance for sale Felony 29800(a)(1) PC- Felon in possession of firearm Felony 31360(a) PC- Felon in possession of body armor Felony On 05/15/2023, at approximately 0930 hours, a UPD... (Read more →)

Press Release - UPD Case #23-0835 - Suspicious Death Investigation

Date: 04-24-2023 Location: 700 block El Rio Dr.  Investigation: Suspicious Circumstances  On 04-24-23, UPD was contacted by a male subject wishing to report suspicious circumstances following the  recent death of his 58-year-old sister. The male, who resided out of state, had traveled to Ukiah after... (Read more →)

Press Release - UPD Case #23-0811 - Minor in Possession of Hand Gun

Date: 04-21-2023 Location: 805 Cindee Drive, Ukiah Suspect(s): Gabriel Aguilar (20 year old male from Ukiah)  15 year old male from Ukiah Violation(s):  Gabriel Aguilar: 29610(a) PC – Possession of a handgun as a minor (Felony) 25850(c)(6) PC – Possession of non-registered firearm “Ghost gun”... (Read more →)

Press Release - UPD Case #23-0715 - Vehicle Pursuit

Date: 04-08-2023  Location: 1000 block of W. Perkins Street Incident: Vehicle pursuit, DUI  Suspect: Marissa Diaz, 27-year-old female of Ukiah  Violations: 2800.2(a) VC – Reckless evading from Police Officer – Felony                  4463(a)(1) VC – False registration tabs – Felony      ... (Read more →)

Press Release - UPD Case #23-0607 - Felon in Possession of Firearm

Date: 03-24-2023 Location: 2000 Block S State St Suspect: Trinidad Magdaleno-Pulido, 20-year-old-male from Ukiah Violation(s): 29800 PC – Possession of a Firearm by Convicted Felon (Felony)                      33215 PC – Possession of a Short-Barreled Shotgun... (Read more →)

Press Release - UPD Case #23-0433 - Burglary / Grand Theft Firearm

Date: 02-27-2023 Location: 700 block Dora Ave Suspect: Mark Wolk, 37-year-old-male from Ukiah Violation(s): 459 PC – Burglary (Felony)                      487 PC – Grand Theft: Firearm (Felony)                      496 PC – Possession of... (Read more →)

Press Release - UPD Case #23-0407 - Battery / Child Endangerment

Date: 02-23-2023 Location: 693 S Orchard Ave (Super 8 Motel) Suspect: Adam Pearson, 41-year-old-male Victim(s): 30-year-old Male from Ukiah                  15-year-old Male from Ukiah Violation(s): 243 PC – Battery Serious Great Bodily Injury (Felony) ... (Read more →)

Press Release - UPD Case #23-0356 - Possession of a Zip Gun

Date: 02-16-2023 Location: Perry St. / Rupe St. Suspect: John Cook, 44-year-old-male Violation(s):  Felony Warrant                      33600 PC - Possession of a Zip Gun (Felony)                      30305 PC - Felon in Possession of Ammunition... (Read more →)

Press Release - UPD Case #23-0234 - Possession Stolen Vehicle

Date: 01-31-23 Location: 710 S State St/Metro PC/T-Mobile Suspect: Brandy Mong, 46-year-old Female from Pennsylvania Violation: 496 PC – Possession of Stolen Vehicle (Felony)   On 1/31/23, at approximately 5:30 pm, Ukiah PD received an alert from the FLOCK license plate reading... (Read more →)

Press Release - UPD Case #23-0184 - Felony Vandalism

Date: 01-25-23 Location: 504 E Perkins St/Pear Tree Shopping Center Suspect: 51-year-old Male Transient from Washington Victim(s): Various Businesses along N State St   On 1/25/23, at approximately 0530 hours, an unknown person committed several vandalisms on N. State St. by... (Read more →)