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Press releases from the Ukiah Police Department will appear below. For press releases, please check our Archive.

Press Release - UPD Case # 20-2608

On 11/17/2020 at approx. 2011 hours, A UPD Officer was on patrol in the 300 block of S. Main Street when he came in contact with a vehicle on a traffic stop for vehicle code violations. The Officer contacted the occupants of the vehicle and identified them as Lacee Marie Ross, Age 37 of Boonville, and her 17-year-old... (Read more →)

Press Release - UPD Case # 20-2594 - Willful Discharge of Firearm into Inhabited Dwelling

On 11/16/2020 at approx. 1932 hours, UPD Officers were dispatched to the 100 block of Court Street for a report of a shots fired. UPD Officers arrived on scene and located evidence consistent with a shooting. UPD Officers canvassed the area and located a residence and vehicles that had been struck by gunfire. UPD... (Read more →)

Press Release - Case # 20-2235 - Using Caustic Chemical on Another & Assault Causing Great Bodily Injury

On 10/5/2020 at approx. 2218 hours, UPD Officers were dispatched to the area of 200 Cherry Street for a report of a disturbance between neighbors. While responding to the call, UPD Officers learned that one of the involved parties may have been doused with a chemical agent. Once on scene, UPD Officers began their... (Read more →)

Press Release - Case # 20-2278

Date: 10/10/2020 Location: 1300 N. State St. Ukiah Suspect: Victor Jose Lopez (37 year-old-male) of Willits,CA Violations: 2800.2(a)CVC Reckless Evading (Felony) 2800.4CVC Reckless Evading in Oncoming Traffic (Felony) 11378(a)HS Possession of Controlled Substance For Sale (Felony) 11379HS... (Read more →)

Press Release - Case # 20-2279 - Evading Law Enforcement, Exhibition of Speed & Drug Possession Arrest

Date: 10/10/2020 Location: 400 Brush St. Ukiah Suspect: Michael David Gray (49) of Morgan Hill Offenses: 2800.2(a) CVC: Evade Law Enforcement, 23109(c) CVC: Exhibition of Speed, 11378 HS: Possession of a Controlled Substance for Sales, & 11379(a) HS: Transportation of a Controlled Substance. ... (Read more →)

Press Release - Case # 20-2273 - Resisting Arrest & Marijuana Violations

Date: 10/09/2020 Location: 800 S. State St. Ukiah Suspects: Christopher Nathaniel Mendez (41) of Los Angeles, CA.                   Brooke Stephanie Kahaner (23) of Los Angeles, CA. Mendez Offenses:         69(a) PC: Resist Executive Officer          ... (Read more →)

Press Release - Case # 20-2056 - Attempted Murder

Date:           September 19, 2020 Location:     900 block of S. State St., Ukiah Suspect:       Melissa Rene Miller, 40-year-old female of Bakersfield Victim:       45-year-old male of Ukiah Violations:   664/187 PC:          Attempt Murder (Felony) ... (Read more →)

Press Release - Case # 20-2021

On 9/15/2020 at approx. 2149 hours, Ukiah Police Department was notified of a large fire in the area north of Mason Street between Clara Avenue and Ford Street. UPD Officers arrived on scene to find the wooden railroad trestle and multiple trees above the trestle fully engulfed in flames. UPD Officers... (Read more →)

Press Release - Case # 20-2015

On 9/14/2020 at approx. 2256 hours, A UPD Officer was patrolling the area of 400 Mason Street when he came into contact with a 2006 Honda Civic for a traffic violation. The Officer contacted the driver and sole occupant of the vehicle and identified him as 19 year old Jonathan Cervantes of Ukiah. As the... (Read more →)

Press Release - Case # 20-1953

Date: 09/08/2020 Time of Call: 4:46 AM Location/Victim: 859 N. State St. Ukiah (Redwood Tree Service Station) Crime:  451(d) PC-Arson (Felony)               454(a)(2) PC-Arson During a State of Emergency (Felony)               1203.2 PC-Violation of Probation (Misdemeanor) ... (Read more →)

Press Release - Cases # 20-2000, 20-1822 & 20-1789

Date:           September 13, 2020 Locations:   300 block of S. Orchard Ave., Ukiah Suspect:       Luis Martin Ortiz, 33-year-old male of Ukiah Violations:   2800.4 CVC:         Reckless evading (Felony)                      3455... (Read more →)

Press Release - Case # 20-1980

Date:          September 11, 2020 Locations:  700 block of S. Orchard Ave., Ukiah                      US 101, Hopland                      20581 Mountain House Rd., Hopland Suspect #1: 17-year-old male (Ukiah)                   ... (Read more →)