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Press Release - UPD Case #24-0682- Gang Related Fight Using Deadly Weapons

Date: 04/05/2024 Location: Ukiah Skate Park at 1041 Low Gap Road, Ukiah, CA         Suspect(s): Multiple Unknown Males   Victim(s): 17-Year-Old Male Juvenile, Ukiah, CA.  Violations(s): 245(a)(4) PC-Assault with a Deadly Weapon Likely to Cause Great Bodily Injury (Felony). On... (Read more →)

Press Release - UPD Case #24-0443 - Domestic Battery & Child Endangerment

Date: 03-21-2024 Location: 500 block of Capps Lane, Ukiah, CA. Victim: 20-Year-Old Ukiah, CA female. Suspect: Blake Dylan Bradley Cox 27-Year-Old Ukiah, CA male. Violations: 207(a) PC – Kidnapping (Felony). 236 PC – False Imprisonment (Felony). 30605(a) PC – Possession of Assault Weapon (12... (Read more →)

Press Release - UPD Case #24-0658 - Stolen Vehicle

Date: 04-02-2024 Location: Intersection of South State Street and East Stephenson Street, Ukiah, CA. Victim(s): People of the State of California. Suspect(s): 1. Hailey Leanne Riley 23-Year-Old Calpella, CA female. 2. Elisabeth Jeanan Shoemaker 42-Year-Old Ukiah, CA female. Violation(s): ... (Read more →)

Press Release - UPD Case #24-0633 - Assault leading to great bodily injury

Date: 03-31-2024 Location: 197 East Gobbi Street, Ukiah, CA. Victim(s): 61-Year-Old Ukiah, CA male. Suspect(s): Curtis Daniel Bettencourt 33-Year-Old Fort Bragg, CA male Violation(s): 243(d) PC-Assault resulting in great bodily injury (Felony). 148(a)(1) PC- Resisting arrest (Misdemeanor). ... (Read more →)

Press Release - UPD Case #24-0589 - Burglary

Date: 03-26-2024 Location: Speedway Gas Station, 1105 South State Street, Ukiah Suspect(s): Ryan Okerstrom, 45 year-old male from Ukiah Victim: 57 year-old female of Ukiah, Speedway Gas Station Violation(s): 211 PC, Robbery - Felony On 03-26-24 at approximately 0357 hours, Ukiah Police Department... (Read more →)

Press Release - UPD Case #24-0559 - Stolen Vehicle

Date: 03/22/2024 Location: Home Depot Parking lot at 350 North Orchard Avenue, Ukiah. Suspect #1: Osorio, Karina Lisette 29-Year-Old Santa Rosa, CA female Charges: 496d(a)PC, Possession of Stolen Property-Vehicle (Felony) 14601.2(a)CVC, Driving on a Suspended License (Misdemeanor) 23247(f)CVC,... (Read more →)

Press Release - UPD Case #24-0524 - Hit & Run

Date: 03-17-2024 Location: 100 Block Talmage Rd, Ukiah, Ca 95482 Suspect(s): Juanjose Naranjorodriguez, 31 year old male from Ukiah Victim: 50 year old female of Ukiah Violation(s): 23153(a) CVC - Felony 23153(b) CVC - Felony 20001(a) CVC - Felony 14601.2(a) CVC - Misdemeanor On 03-17-24, at... (Read more →)

Press Release - UPD Case #24-0467 - Known Parolee In Possession of Firearm

Date: 03-10-2024 Location: 1340 North State Street, Ukiah (Motel 6 North) Victim(s): People of The State of California Suspect(s): Donald Earl Willett Jr. 40-Year-Old Willits male Violation(s): 25400(c)(6) PC-Carrying a concealed firearm in a vehicle/person (Felony). 11377(a) H&S-Possession of a... (Read more →)

Press Release - UPD Case #24-0316 - Missing Person

Date: 02-18-2024 Location: 700 block of Village Circle, Ukiah CA 95482 Missing Person: Angel Arturo Murguia-Martinez, 24-Year-Old Ukiah male On 02/15/2024, at approximately 10 a.m. the Ukiah Police Department (UPD) received a call regarding the unusual behavior of Angel Murguia-Martinez, a... (Read more →)

Press Release - UPD Case #24-0296 - Local Parolee resists arrest - leading to UPD School Resource Officer Injury

Date: 02/14/2024 Location: Oak Manor School, 400 Oak Manor Drive, Ukiah Victim: State of California Suspect #1: Neil Bruce Waldron, 54-Year-Old Ukiah Male Charges: 69(a) PC, Resisting Arrest with Violence (Felony) 3056 PC, Parole Violation (Felony) 11377(a) H&S, Possession of a... (Read more →)

Press Release - UPD Case #24-0242 - Possession of a Loaded Firearm

Date: 02/07/2024   Location: 550 East Perkins Street, Ukiah (Ross Dress for Less) Victim(s): People of The State of California Suspect(s): Jessie Edward Slotte 38-Year-Old Ukiah male. Violation(s):  11370.1 H&S – Possession of a Loaded Firearm while in Possession of a Controlled... (Read more →)

Press Release - UPD Case #24-0155 - Stolen Vehicle - Flock Hit

Date: 01/25/2024 Location: Royal Motel, 750 South State Street, Ukiah Suspect #1: Cedillo, Andrew 23-Year-Old Ukiah male Charges: 496d(a) PC, Possession of Stolen Vehicle (Felony) Suspect #2: Vasquez, Victoria 27-Year-Old Ukiah female Charges: 11377(a) HS, Possession of Methamphetamine... (Read more →)