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Press releases from the Ukiah Police Department will appear below. For press releases, please check our Archive.

Press Release - UPD Case #21-0800

Date:            May 7, 2021 Location(s):     1170 S. State St., Ukiah & 1155 Airport Park Blvd., Ukiah Suspect:       William Thomas Vaughn (32-year-old male of Potter Valley)   Victim:       Male resident of Ukiah Violations:  496(d)PC: Possession of... (Read more →)

Press Release - UPD Case # 21-0809

Date:            May 9, 2021 Location:     600 block of S. Orchard Ave. Ukiah, CA. Suspect:       Isaac Joseph Gonzales, 39-year-old male of Fresno Violations:    11378 HS- (Possess Controlled Substance for Sale)                      11379(a) HS-... (Read more →)

Press Release - UPD Case # 21-0641

Date:  April 13, 2021 Location:  300 block of E. Perkins St., Ukiah & 200 block of Brush St., Ukiah Suspect:  Thomas Lee Hidalgo (19-year-old male of Ukiah)   Victim:  State of California Violations:  454(A)(2) PC: Arson During a State of Emergency (Felony), 451(d) PC:... (Read more →)

Chief Addresses Use of Force Incident

City of Ukiah Police Chief Justin Wyatt addresses use of force incident that occurred on Thursday, April 1, 2021. (Read more →)

Press Release - UPD Case # 21-0566

Date:            April 1, 2021 Location:     1450 S. State St., Ukiah Suspect:       Gerardo Magdaleno (25-year-old male of Ukiah)   Violations:           69(a) PC                Resisting arrest with violence (Felony)          ... (Read more →)

Press Release - UPD Cases # 21-0443, 21-0448, 21-0449, and 21-0450 - Multiple Burglaries

Date:  March 16, 2021 Location(s):  1252 Airport Park Blvd., Ukiah and 533 S. State St., Ukiah Suspect:  Donald Emil Morin (74-year-old male of Medford) Victim(s):  Haute Mess Beauty Bar, Barr Family Chiropractic, Body Glow Tanning Boutique, and Park Falls Plaza Violation(s): ... (Read more →)

Press Release - UPD Case # 21-0403

Date:  March 9, 2021 Location:  1201 N. State St., Ukiah, and 300 Seminary Ave., Ukiah Suspect:  Jaime H. Gutierrez (33-year-old male of Hopland) Victims:  33-year-old female of Hopland, and 28-year-old male of Ukiah Violations: 245(A)(1) PC: Assault with a Deadly Weapon... (Read more →)

Press Release - UPD Case # 21-0376

Date:  March 4th, 2021 Location:  1208 S. State St. Ukiah, CA. 95482 Suspect:  Marcus Anthony Meloy, 30-year-old male of Ukiah Violations: 664/211 PC: Attempted Robbery & 1203.2(a)(1) PC: Violation of Probation On 3/4/2021 at approximately 2058 hours, UPD officers were... (Read more →)

Press Release - UPD Case # 21-0341 - Vehicle Theft

Date:            March 1, 2021 Location:     709 N. State St., Ukiah Suspect:       Eryka Smith (28-year-old female of Willits) Victim:       21-year-old male of Ukiah Violation: 10851(a) PC: Vehicle theft (Felony)        On March 1, 2021 at... (Read more →)

Press Release - UPD Case # 21-0328 - Possession of a Stolen Vehicle and Violation of Probation

Date:  February 27, 2021 Location:  1099 S. State St., Ukiah Suspect:  Eryka Smith (28-year-old female of Willits) Victim:  53-year-old female of Willits Violations: 496d(a) PC: Possession of a Stolen Vehicle (Felony) and 1203.2(a) PC: Violation of Probation (Misdemeanor) ... (Read more →)

Press Release - UPD Case # 21-0317

Date:  February 25, 2021 Location:  1531 N. Bush St., Ukiah Suspect(s):  Mark A. Nielsen (33-year-old male of Ukiah) and Kevin E. Ford (39-year-old male of Ukiah) Victim:  42-year-old male of Kelseyville Violations: Nielson - 496d(a) PC: Possession of a Stolen Vehicle... (Read more →)

Press Release - UPD Case # 21-0304 - Robbery, Conspiracy, & Accessory to a Crime

Date:  02-23-2020     Location:  1155 Airport Park Blvd, Ukiah, CA                        Suspects:  Charles Hawkins, Jennifer Cram, and Sergio Gonzalez (1 withheld) Violations:  211 PC - Robbery,  182(a)(1) PC -... (Read more →)