Our Mission


The officers, dispatchers and employees of the Ukiah Police Department are committed to work in partnership with the community to promote public safety and crime prevention through education and law enforcement.  As part of our commitment, we have adopted three organizational values; the principles upon which we base our policing:

Safety: We value human life and strive to enable our citizens to be safer and less likely victimized by crime.

Professionalism: We value dedicated highly trained personnel, with a commitment to the standards of the law enforcement profession.

Community Service: We value the privilege to provide effective, efficient and equitable service. We respect the members of our community, the importance of a combined crime prevention alliance and the opportunity to provide a united policing effort.

The Ukiah Police Department has some of the most respected and valued individuals in law enforcement. We are also surrounded by supportive organizations and people: community partners, civilian employees, volunteers and everyday citizens who are willing to come forward when called upon.

The men and women of the Ukiah Police Department thank you for your support.  Together we make Ukiah a better community in which to live, work and visit.