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Two Wolves

The other day I came upon a picture of two wolves and it reminded me of a story I learned as a boy scout years ago. I really like the story, and seeing the picture brought the power of the message back instantly. The Native American legend starts with a grandfather talking about life. He tells his grandson that in... (Read more)

Spring Fever!

Let’s face it; although rain is important (especially now, during a drought), a little extra sunshine sure brightens our spirits. As the weather warms we start thinking of being outside—of spring break, spring vacations, and spring fever. A great way to soak in some of that sunshine is to get out of the house... (Read more)

Empowering our Employees

Did you know that during the last two years, Ukiah has averaged more than 20 robberies a year? And based on the number of armed robberies that have already occurred in Ukiah at the beginning of this year, this trend is continuing. It’s important to know that a robbery is different from a burglary or theft. A... (Read more)

Stranger Danger

I can’t think of many things as scary as having one of our students attacked or abducted on their way to or from school. Our kids should be safe walking around town, especially during the day. It’s been more than a month since the first of several attempted abductions was reported in Ukiah, and our officers have... (Read more)

Be Awesome—Be a Book Nut

Today, March 2, 2016, marks the seventeenth anniversary of Read Across America day, a day to celebrate the joy of reading and the birthday of Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss. Dr. Seuss knew how to make reading fun; his whimsical rhymes have entertained generations of kids. And helping kids love to... (Read more)

Home Safety

A few weeks ago, two elderly Ukiah residents were victims of a home invasion robbery. In this terrifying incident, two or three male suspects in their 20s or 30s broke into the home and tied up the residents. The suspects disabled the phones and searched the house before deciding they were at the wrong location.... (Read more)


During the first few weeks of February, several local business owners called to tell me they received threatening calls from scammers posing as IRS investigators. I have written about this scam before, but the information is worth repeating since these scammers are trying to steal money from people and businesses in... (Read more)

No, Go, Yell, Tell

Last month in Ukiah, a number female students in their early teens were assaulted or approached by strangers on their way to and from school. In each situation, the teens fought back and got away. Working with the Ukiah Unified School District, we immediately issued press releases and posted information on social... (Read more)

Preventing Crime with our UPD Website – Part 2

Whether you’re trying to protect your family, your home, or your business, the Ukiah Police Department website ( can provide valuable information. In last week’s column, I talked about how information is organized and how, with just a click or two, you can access some regularly updated safety... (Read more)

Crime Prevention Partnerships

Would you like to know more about crime that happens in your neighborhood? Or maybe you’re looking for ways to protect your family or business from the latest scams and crime trends occurring here in Ukiah. Maybe you’d like to teach your teen to be a better driver, or give your kids some tips to help them protect... (Read more)

Arrive Alive

In the last few weeks our officers have worked tirelessly to solve the rash of burglaries that occurred during the holidays, and it is because of your help that we were so successful in our efforts. Thanks, Ukiah! In addition to reporting suspicious behavior, another way to make our community safer this winter is to... (Read more)

Driving In the Rain

It sure has been nice to get a little rain. The rain means that Lake Mendocino is filling up, our rivers and streams are starting to flow again, and the threat of drought is receding a little. During these winter storms it’s important to take some simple steps to drive safely, and to stay informed about hazards... (Read more)

Safety · Professionalism · Community Service