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Preventing Gangs October 2015

Here at Ukiah PD, we constantly worry about gangs; how violent they can be, and the impact they have on young people’s lives, their family’s lives, and our community. In tough times like these, people want to know what they can do to help, and while we spend a great deal of our time in law enforcement working... (Read more)

The CalFresh Food Challenge

In the weeks following the Valley Fire, our police officers were extra busy helping to provide extra law enforcement patrol for the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. Each of the UPD officers who worked in Lake County commented on the devastation from the fire and the tremendous outpouring of support coming from our... (Read more)

An Ounce of Prevention – Shopping Carts

Watch any crime show on TV or read the latest whodunit novel, and you know that information is key to solving the case. To reduce crime in Ukiah we have established a program for businesses called Business Watch.   To help us get started, our Community Service Officer Nancy Sawyer and her team of volunteers have... (Read more)

Homecoming and Pumpkinfest 2015

If the recent fires in Lake County have taught us anything, it is importance of community and of appreciating every day. Two events that help us celebrate community and have fun doing it are Homecoming and Pumpkinfest. Ukiah High School Homecoming and Ukiah’s Country Pumpkinfest are right around the corner.... (Read more)

Make Mendocino County Safer

To Make Mendocino County Safer, Put Your Thoughts on Paper! In case you haven’t heard, Realty World Selzer Realty is sponsoring a contest again this year, offering $500 to the winner in each of the five supervisorial districts for the best idea on how to make Mendocino County safer. He sponsored a contest last... (Read more)

Bully-Proofed Kids

I really enjoy September; you can feel fall in the air. Our leaves are turning colors, homecoming and Pumpkinfest are only a few weeks away, and our kids are settled back into their school routine. But it’s important to remember that during this time of year, some kids would rather be anywhere than school because... (Read more)

Supporting Our Kids

What if someone told you that you could take your family out for a great time, sample fantastic food, see friends downtown, and in the process raise money for an organization that keeps kids local safe and helps them reach their potential? Well, you can do all that at the 17th Annual Chili Cook Off! It’s this... (Read more)

School’s started – What’s next?

Looking back, summer seems to have traveled by so fast. It feels like just a few days ago we were attending June’s graduation parties, finding things for our kids to do, and making summer vacation plans. But now that our kids are back in school, have you thought about what they are doing after school? Did you... (Read more)

Awarding Reading

Long before video games existed, one of my most favorite childhood activities was playing with friends in the backyard. Through our imagination, we found a way to reenact western scenes, or play “good guys” catching dangerous villains. Those scenes we loved to create were often based on stories we’d read in... (Read more)

School Zones Ahead!

With school starting next week, I thought this would be a great time to talk a bit more about bike and pedestrian safety. Last year, we experienced the unthinkable more than once—pedestrians hit in the crosswalk. The city of Ukiah has been working hard to improve pedestrian safety by providing extra police... (Read more)

It’s HOT – Hydrate!

During these last few weeks, we saw some of the hottest weather of the summer—and it reminded me how important it is that we regularly hydrate. Many studies indicate that most of us (up to 75 percent of us) do not drink enough water, and we often suffer from dehydration. This is a big deal! Dehydration can cause... (Read more)

Through Force or Fear

As July comes to an end, we are experiencing our annual upsurge in transient-related complaints. As summer turns to fall, the Ukiah Police Department (UPD) responds to more complaints and calls for assistance surrounding quality of life issues like aggressive panhandling, public urination and defecation, large piles... (Read more)

Safety · Professionalism · Community Service