Tips on How To Discourage Thefts & Burglaries

Tips on How to Prevent Thefts and Burglaries


  • Lock doors and windows to your residence or business including back sliders, garages, and sheds.


  • Keep car doors locked including trailers.


  • Hide Valuables. 


  • Remove packages from porch or mail box as soon as possible.


  • Install deadbolt or 2nd lock.


  • Make sure your yard is well-lit at night and use creative landscaping that would discourage someone from hiding in your yard.


  • Install a security system, camera or get a dog.


  • Don’t advertise you are away from home.


  • Be prepared. 


  • If you do have a break in call the police immediately.  Do not enter the building until assistance arrives.


  • All residents are urged to closely follow the restrictions in both the County and State Health Orders.  For more information:

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