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Ukiah Boys and Girls Club – Keeping Kids Safe

Last week I reported about a number of close calls we have had regarding child safety. A Pomolita Middle School student was approached by a stranger and asked if she wanted a ride. Thankfully, this student did absolutely everything right! When first asked if she wanted a ride, she said, “NO!” When the suspect... (Read more)

Teaching Kids about Safety Works!

A few weeks ago we had a real scare. A Pomolita Middle School student was approached by a stranger, and asked if she wanted a ride. Thankfully, this student did absolutely everything right! When first asked if she wanted a ride, she said, “NO!” When the suspect came back and asked again, she yelled, “YOU’RE... (Read more)

Yellow Footprints

It really doesn’t matter which branch of the U.S. Armed Services you join. They all seem to start the same way. You step off a bus and onto yellow footprints to start your journey. Those yellow footprints are there to guide you, to give you a landing spot and show you which direction to face. They provide a brief... (Read more)

Gun Safety and Gun Locks

The other day, a citizen came to the police department and turned in several firearms that they no longer wanted. The gun owner was concerned that he couldn’t properly store the weapons, and no longer wanted to be responsible for them. Everyone should know that Ukiah Police Department (UPD) accepts unwanted... (Read more)

Reading, Writing and Moms

Mother’s day is this Sunday and I can’t think of a more important celebration, even with all that spring brings - baseball, proms, and graduation ceremonies – than recognizing the contributions our moms have made to positively impact our lives. To me, Mother’s Day is one of the most important traditions of... (Read more)

Our School Resource Officer – Vince Morse

Last week at the Ukiah City Council meeting, I was asked about our School Resource Officer (SRO). People wanted to know who’s assigned to this position and what do they do. And, most importantly, is the position impactful to our community? So, I thought I’d reintroduce Officer Vince Morse and his K9 partner,... (Read more)

Measuring What Matters Most

As a Police Chief, my job is to remain impartial. In fact, our Law Enforcement Code of Ethics asks law enforcement officers to pledge, that we “…will never act officiously or permit personal feelings, prejudices, animosities or friendships to influence [our] decisions.” Yet, like everyone else, at times I can... (Read more)

Together, we can make a difference!

When I think about how to solve tough problems, I sometimes look for examples of when people have been successful against really big odds. One example is how Rotary Clubs fought polio. Polio is a crippling and potentially fatal infectious disease that affects children throughout the world. But with a simple vaccine,... (Read more)

Thank You, 911 Dispatchers!

This week is Dispatcher Appreciation Week. Emergency (911) dispatchers are the first people you talk to when you call with a crisis. Even though dispatchers can't see what’s happening, they are the eyes and ears of emergency responders—our guiding angels who ensure that the right responders get to an emergency as... (Read more)

Thanks Sergeant Guzman For Your Service!

            Last week, Sergeant Mariano Guzman worked his last shift as a police officer for the City of Ukiah. After 32 years, Sgt. Guzman has decided to retire. I know many of you in the Ukiah community know Sgt. Guzman, and would agree with me when I say that losing him as a Ukiah police officer is a... (Read more)

Ukiah's Crime Rates

A few years ago our department adopted a strategic plan called, “Measuring What Matters Most.” The plan prioritizes our efforts to reduce and solve crimes in our community. Our goal is to make Ukiah as safe as possible. Each month, we measure our department performance in responding to, solving, and preventing... (Read more)

Stealing Recyclables, Noise Regulations, and Other City Issues:

At the Ukiah Police Department (UPD), we get calls for lots of different reasons. They basically fall into three categories: the first tier is crimes against people, such as robberies, murders, and assaults. These calls get top priority. The second tier is property crime, like theft and vandalism; and the third tier... (Read more)

Safety · Professionalism · Community Service