Press Releases

Press Release - UPD Cases # 21-1086 and # 21-1103

DATE:           06/18/2021

TIME:            11:35 AM

LOCATION: 1900 blk. of Elm St.

CRIMES:       664/187(a) PC - Attempted Murder (Felony)

           182(a)(1) PC - Conspiracy (Felony)

25850(a) PC - Possession of a Loaded Firearm (Felony)

25400(a)(1) PC - Carrying a Concealed Weapon in a Vehicle (Felony)

246 PC – Shooting at a Dwelling (Felony)

29825(a) PC - Possession of a Firearm by a Prohibited Person (Felony)

166(a)(4) PC - Violation of a Court Order (Misdemeanor)

1203.2 PC - Probation Violation (Felony)

11370.1(a) H&S - Possession of a Controlled Substance While Armed (Felony)

25400(a)(2) PC - Carrying an Unregistered Firearm (Misdemeanor)

148(a)(1) PC - Resist or Delay an Officer (Misdemeanor)

148.9(a) PC - False Information to an Officer (Misdemeanor)

69 PC - Resist or Delay an Officer (Felony)

32 PC - Accessory to a Crime (Felony)

SUSPECT(S):  Gomez-Silva, Ernesto Mauricio, age 18 of Ukiah

                          Hernandez, Christian Salvador, age 19 of Ukiah

                          Camarillo, Esteban Jorge, age 28 of Willits

On 06/18/2021, at approx.1135 hours, UPD officers were dispatched to the area of the 1900 block of Elm St. regarding a report of multiple shots being fired.  Officers responded and found the involved parties had fled the scene.  Officers also found evidence in the area that a shooting had occurred.  It was learned that the shots were fired into the direction of a residential neighborhood.  No residents were injured as a result of the shooting; however, property damage did occur.  Ukiah Police Detectives responded to assist and were able to locate surveillance video of the incident from a nearby business.  Detectives were able to view the three suspects, as well as the vehicle used in the incident.  Using information obtained from the initial investigation, UPD Detectives conducted follow up investigations, in an attempt to locate and identify the suspects.

On 06/21/21, at approx. 0931 hours, UPD Detectives were conducting follow up on this case.  Detectives saw two subjects, Ernesto Gomez-Silva and Christian Hernandez, walking southbound in the 1400 block of S. State St.  Detectives believed Gomez-Silva and Hernandez were two of the three suspects seen on the video of the shooting.  Detectives contacted and detained Gomez-Silva and Hernandez and called for additional units to respond.

During the contact Gomez-Silva was detained in handcuffs.  As Detectives were conducting a search of Hernandez a weapon was discovered.  Detectives began to place Hernandez into handcuffs and Hernandez began to resist.  During the struggle, Gomez-Silva also attacked officers as they were attempting to place Hernandez into handcuffs.  Both Hernandez and Gomez-Silva were ultimately placed into handcuffs and a firearm along with additional ammunition was recovered.

On 06/29/21, at approx. 1050 hours, a UPD Detective was still working on the case when the Detective located the suspect vehicle involved in this case.  The vehicle was located in the 1400 block of S. State St. unoccupied.  A male subject was seen getting into the vehicle.  The male subject was identified as Esteban Camarillo and recognized by the Detective as the third suspect seen in the video of the shooting.  A high risk stop was conducted on the vehicle in the 1400 block of S. State St., where Camarillo was taken into custody.

Evidence obtained indicated involvement by Gomez-Silva, Hernandez and Camarillo in a criminal street gang. Gomez-Silva, Hernandez and Camarillo were all booked into the county jail on multiple felony crimes.  The investigation is still on-going and anyone with additional information is urged to contact the Ukiah Police Dept. at 707-463-6262.


Download: press_release_21-1086_shooting.pdf