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Press Release - UPD Case #23-1034 - Assault with a Deadly Weapon on a Peace Officer

Date: 5/23/23
Location: South East Corner of W. Perkins St. and S. School St.
Suspect #1: Seivertson, Rachael Diane 34 Year Old Female Transient, Ukiah
Charges: 245(c) Assault With a Deadly Weapon on a Peace Officer
243(c)(1) Battery With Great Bodily Injury on a Peace Officer
3056 PC Parole Violation


On 5/23/23, UPD Officers responded to the intersection of W. Perkins St. and S. School St. for a report of a female transient causing a disturbance. Upon arrival a solo officer contacted the suspect, Rachael Seivertson. Seivertson was known to this officer from numerous prior contacts. She was a known transient in Ukiah and was known to be on CDC parole for robbery.

The officer considered Seivertson’s behavior to be erratic. The officer attempted to speak with her, but she could not engage in a normal conversation. Her body was fidgety and she could not form a normal/reasonable sentence. The officer suspected she was under the influence of a stimulant, most likely methamphetamine.

While attempting to speak with Seivertson, she stood up and attempted to walk away. She walked less than 10 feet away and the officer took a few steps to follow her. Seivertson quickly stopped, bent over and picked up a large rock which was placed on the curb. Seivertson then quickly spun around and threw the rock into the officer’s face, colliding with the officer’s left side of his upper lip. Seivertson then continued to punch the officer on the face. The officer immediately started bleeding heavily but was able to wrestle Seivertson to the ground. While on the ground, Seivertson was placed on her stomach and handcuffed.

The rock was recovered at the scene. The rock weighed approximately 8 pounds and was about the size of a football.
The Officer was transported to the emergency room via ambulance. He suffered a laceration on his upper lip which required 6 stiches. Seivertson was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer, battery with great bodily injury on a peace officer and a parole violation. She was booked at the Mendocino County Jail.

The Ukiah Police Department would like to thank the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office Bailiffs who ran to assist the officer and assist in the handcuffing of Seivertson.

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