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Press Release - UPD Case #23-0184 - Felony Vandalism

Date: 01-25-23

Location: 504 E Perkins St/Pear Tree Shopping Center

Suspect: 51-year-old Male Transient from Washington

Victim(s): Various Businesses along N State St


On 1/25/23, at approximately 0530 hours, an unknown person committed several vandalisms on N. State St. by throwing rocks into the windows of several businesses. There was a total of 6 businesses with damaged windows or doors. At the time of the initial investigation, an unknown male was seen by witnesses to be walking in the area. This male was not immediately located but his description was noted by officers. During the investigation, officers attempted to locate this person, but they were unable to find him.


At approximately 0730 hours, an off-duty UPD Sergeant was going home at the end of his shift and noticed a male matching the suspect’s description walking in the area of the Pear Tree Shopping Center, 504 E. Perkins St. UPD officers responded to the area in an attempt to locate and identify him.


Officers contacted the male, and he immediately began to walk away from the officers while placing his hands inside his pockets. Officers asked the man to stop and talk with them when he quickly pulled his hands out of his pockets. Officers saw the man was holding a folding knife in his hand and he had extended the blade which was approximately 5-6” long. The male then put the blade to his throat and continued walking away from officers.


During the next several minutes, officers followed the male while using verbal de-escalation tactics. Officers were eventually able to convince the male to lower the knife and sit on the ground. Officers were able to approach and handcuff the male without further incident. The male was taken to the emergency room and placed on a 5150 WI hold.


Officers continued investigating the vandalisms and obtained video surveillance from several of the victim businesses. The videos clearly depicted the same man mentioned above throwing large rocks and shattering windows. The total amount of damaged property was $3550.


The suspect’s name was withheld due to the fact he was placed on a 5150 WI hold. The case will be forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office for prosecution.


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Download: press_release_23-0184.docx