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Press Release - UPD Case #22-2328 - Juvenile Traffic Collision

Press Release - UPD Case #22-2328 - Juvenile Traffic Collision

Date: 11-12-2022

Location: 100 Block of Wiyat Dr, Ukiah CA

Violation(s): Driver: 23152(a) VC – driving while impaired, 23140(a) VC- minor drive with a BAC +.05%,
23224(a) VC – minor transporting alcohol, 20002(a)(1) VC – Hit and Run, 602.5(b) PC –
trespass in occupied dwelling.

Passenger: 602.5(b) PC – trespass in occupied dwelling.

Suspect(s): 13-year-old, female (Driver) 15-year-old, female (Passenger)

On 11-12-2022 at about 6:54 am, Ukiah PD officers responded to a hit and run collision involving an SUV
colliding into a parked vehicle, causing the parked vehicle, to crash into the garage of a residence. The driver
and passenger of the SUV were intoxicated female juveniles who fled the scene of the collision. Residents in
the neighborhood followed the juveniles and updated Ukiah PD dispatch of their last known locations and
direction of travel, allowing officers to setup a perimeter. Residents followed the juveniles until they began
hiding in bushes and jumping over other residents’ fences. The driver, a 13-year-old Hispanic female, and the
passenger, a 15-year-old Hispanic female, found an open side door to a garage and tried to hide inside the
garage while the occupants were home.

Ukiah PD officers and a CHP officer maintained a perimeter and began canvassing the area. A perimeter
officer was alerted to the juvenile’s location after the homeowner was surprised by their presence after walking
in her garage. The juveniles were initially detained and the investigation continued.

With the cooperation of the involved officers and the publics cooperation this case was quickly closed.
Surveillance video, witness statements, and other evidence was gathered and submitted to juvenile probation.
The driver was turned over to Probation at Juvenile Hall and the passenger was turned over to a parent. Ukiah
PD extends its thanks to CHP and to the public who cooperated and assisted in this investigation.

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Download: press_release_juv_tc_22-2328.pdf