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Press Release - UPD Case # 21-0403

Date: March 9, 2021

Location: 1201 N. State St., Ukiah, and 300 Seminary Ave., Ukiah

Suspect: Jaime H. Gutierrez (33-year-old male of Hopland)

Victims: 33-year-old female of Hopland, and 28-year-old male of Ukiah

Violations: 245(A)(1) PC: Assault with a Deadly Weapon (Felony), 594(B)(1) PC: Vandalism with damage more than $400.00 (Felony), and 243(e) (1) PC: Domestic Battery (Misdemeanor)

On March 9, 2021 at approximately 11:30 PM, UPD Dispatch received a call from a male who reported he was a passenger in a vehicle that was being rammed by a minivan, while they were in the Safeway parking lot (653 S. State St.).  The male reported the driver of the vehicle he was in, was attempting to drive to the Police Department, but the minivan was preventing them from doing so, by ramming their vehicle.  While UPD Dispatch was on the phone with the male, the Dispatcher heard the sound of squealing tires on S. Oak St., which is in front of UPD.  Dispatch had already advised Officers of the report and then observed, via surveillance cameras at UPD, a sedan and a minivan pull into the front drive way of the City of Ukiah Civic Center (300 Seminary Ave).  Via the surveillance, Dispatch was able to see the minivan following close behind the sedan and saw the minivan strike the rear of the sedan, causing the sedan to lose control and nearly collide with a parked vehicle.  The sedan and the minivan continued out of the driveway and into the north parking lot, where they were contacted by UPD Officers. 

The male driver of the minivan was identified as Jaime H. Gutierrez, who was detained while Officers investigated the incident.  Officers learned the female driver of the sedan had been in a dating relationship with Gutierrez for several years and they had children in common.  The two had recently been separated. Officers learned the female victim and the male victim (passenger) had been in the Taco Bell drive through, when Gutierrez appeared.  Gutierrez struck the windshield of the sedan with his hand, causing it to break.  The female drove out of the parking lot, in an attempt to distance them from Gutierrez, but he followed them in the minivan.  They attempted to drive to UPD, but while doing so Gutierrez rammed their sedan numerous times.   The male victim passenger confirmed the account of what occurred.

The sedan was inspected and the windshield appeared broken and body damage was located on the driver’s side rear portion of the vehicle.  The female victim estimated the damage to the vehicle was in excess of $400.00. 

Gutierrez admitted he learned of the female victim’s location by tracking her cellphone.  Once he saw her with the company of another male, he became angry and challenged the male to a fight.  He admitted damaging the female victim’s vehicle.

Based on the relationship between Gutierrez and the female victim, his actions and the damage to the vehicle; Gutierrez was placed under arrest for the aforementioned violations.  He was subsequently transported and booked and the MCSO Jail.  A magistrate was contacted and an Emergency Protective Order was granted. 

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Prepared by: UPD Operations Lieutenant Andy Phillips



Download: press_release_21-0403.pdf