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Press Release - Case #20-1316 - Vehicle Theft

On 6/29/2020 at approx. 2048 hours, UPD Officers were dispatched to a report of a theft of a vehicle which
had just occurred from Safeway, 653 S. State Street. UPD Officers arrived on scene and learned that the
victim of the vehicle theft had given a ride to a male adult and had left him in the vehicle while she went into
Safeway. When the victim exited the store her vehicle and the male adult were gone.

During the course of the investigation and with a description of the suspect provided by the victim, UPD
Officers identified the suspect to be 23-year-old Ukiah Transient Thomas William Hanover Jr. Hanover was
known to Officers from prior law enforcement contacts. A BOLO (Be on the lookout) was entered for the
vehicle (2003 Toyota Corolla) and sent to surrounding agencies.

On 6/30/2020 at approx. 0123 hours, a UPD Officer was on patrol in the area of 300 E. Gobbi Street when he
observed a vehicle that matched the description of the one previously reported stolen in the parking lot of 390
E. Gobbi Street. The Officer noticed the vehicle was occupied by two male adults and as he got closer noticed
that the license plate was a match to the stolen vehicle. The Officer radioed for additional units and performed
a high risk stop on the vehicle. Additional Officers from the UPD, MCSO and CHP responded and two male
adults were taken into custody.

The male adults were identified as Thomas William Hanover Jr. (Driver) and Anthony Christopher Rojas
(Passenger) age 34 from Ukiah. Hanover was placed under arrest for violations of 10851(a) CVC (Vehicle
Theft) and 1203.2(a) PC (Violation of probation).

Rojas was found to not be involved in the original vehicle theft, but due to contraband found in the vehicle
belonging to him he was found to have violated the terms of his Mendocino County Formal Probation. Rojas
was arrested for 1203.2(a) PC (Violation of probation). Both Hanover and Rojas were booked at the
Mendocino County Jail. The victim was contacted and the vehicle was released back to her.

The Ukiah Police Department would like to remind the great citizens of Ukiah that during the current COVID-19
pandemic we are still out in the city enforcing the law and keeping the public safe. As always, our mission at
the Ukiah Police Department is to make Ukiah as safe as possible. Additionally, the Ukiah Police Department
would like to thank the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department and the California Highway Patrol for their
assistance with this incident.




Download: pr_20-1316.pdf