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Chief's Message - California Leading the Way

A message from the Chief –

I would like to share the latest information from the California Police Chief’s Association with the announcement of their recently released platform – “California Leading the Way”.

California’s standards for police training and policy leads the nation in many ways, and the board members of the California Police Chief’s Association represent the most qualified and engaged law enforcement leaders in the country. These board members formally adopted this platform last week, which sets forth guiding principles, policies, and best practices as part of an inclusive strategy to bring law enforcement together with the community. I invite you to view the press conference and take a look at the elements listed within the platform.

As your Chief, know that I am following and engaged with these and other efforts currently underway to help guide with decision making during these evolving and turbulent times in the law enforcement industry. My intent is to provide leadership and direction to the men and women of the Ukiah Police Department and engagement with the community that is deliberate and meaningful, while accurately reflecting emerging issues. Change is inevitable and the future of law enforcement depends upon today’s actions, which must be thoughtful and inclusive, and intended to provide the highest level of public safety and service to the community.

The Ukiah Police Department will continue to engage and communicate with the community at all levels while representing our values of Safety, Professionalism, and Community Service. The support we receive from the community is important to us, and we are proud of the mutual trust we share.

Justin Wyatt
Chief of Police
Ukiah Police Department