Press Release - Agency Assist

Date: May 8, 2021

Location: 1380 S. State St., Ukiah

On the morning of 05/08/21, at approximately 1:02 AM, UPD Officers were advised that UVFA was responding to a structure fire that was located at 1380 S. State Street. UPD Officers responded to assist, as is a regular practice for reported structure fires. Officers arrived and observed the roof of the residence at that location was fully engulfed in flames. They saw the fire was spreading to an attached carport. Officers attempted to determine if anyone was inside the residence and heard a woman yelling for help. Officers found the woman was located inside a room that was within the carport. Through a window, they saw the woman was attempting to get their attention by waving her arms and it appeared she was unable to exit the room.

Fearing for the safety of the woman; Officers entered the burning carport. In order to make their way to the window, Officers had to move multiple items of furniture out of their way, before they could reach the window. The woman was unable to open the window, so Officers forced the window open. Once open; heavy smoke began billowing out of the window. The Officers determined the woman was unable to exit through the now open window. Officers physically removed the woman from the burning structure.

Once UVFA personnel arrived on-scene, the female was treated for smoke inhalation. The Officers who assisted the female found the hair on their arms and heads had been singed, but they were not injured. UVFA personnel determined the cause of the fire was not intentional.

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Prepared by: Lieutenant Andy Phillips