Press Release 9-26-2012


On September 20th the Ukiah Police Department begun investigating a stabbing which occurred in the 1600 block of Lockwood Drive, and has left the 16 year old victim hospitalized with serious injuries. Ukiah Police Officers and Detectives determined the altercation started in Vinewood Park, where two subjects confronted another group including 19 year old Alejandro Gonzalez and the 16 year old victim, and made gang related statements. The two left but soon returned in two different vehicles and with additional people, some of whom were armed with various weapons including a machete. This group located Gonzalez and the others as they were leaving the park and another confrontation ensued and more gang related statements were made. Gonzalez and the others ran from the group and separated. The others followed, some in a vehicle which attempted to run over Gonzalez and struck a curb in the vicinity of a small child.

Gonzalez was able to get away, but was returning to the scene carrying pipes when he was stopped and subsequently arrested by responding officers for weapons possession. Gonzalez had also apparently solicited others to return with him for further altercations. 

The 16 year old juvenile attempted to run into a residence on Lockwood and was attacked by 18 year old Jaime Antonio Zambrano, 19 year old Marcos Vasquez, and 26 year old Jorge Alvarado. The juvenile was punched, kicked, and stabbed multiple times in the back causing life threatening injuries. The suspects are believed to have then fled in a vehicle.

In the early morning hours of September 25th Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputies stopped a vehicle in North Ukiah, and ultimately arrested Zambrano and Vasquez on charges unrelated to the stabbing. Later that morning Ukiah Police Detectives charged Zambrano and Vasquez with attempted murder, assault with a dangerous weapon, and criminal conspiracy related to the stabbing.

 Also that morning Detectives located Jorge Alvarado’s vehicle in the 200 block of West Gobbi Street, and located evidence indicating it had been used during the initial incident. Alvarado was contacted and ultimately arrested for attempted murder, assault with a dangerous weapon, and criminal conspiracy.

 This case remains under investigation, and enhancements for committing gang related crimes will be sought. Anyone with information is asked to the Ukiah Police Department at 463-6262.     




Prepared by Captain Justin Wyatt