Press Release

As November comes to a close and our beards are growing in nicely, the members of the Ukiah Police Department have convinced the Chief to leave the razors where they are and continue No-Shave November into DecemBEARD! For the month of December members will continue to enjoy a relaxed policy on facial hair.

The focus of the no-shave effort has been to help raise awareness for cancer, and to recognize those enduring treatment who typically lose their hair. Many of us know friends or family diagnosed with cancer, and some have lost a loved one to cancer. The Ukiah Police Officers Association has elected to continue to direct funds raised through December to the Cancer Resource Center of Mendocino County.

We are proud to join with the community to raise funds for cancer research and treatment. To help publicize our partnership we are inviting members of the community to join us growing beards this month to encourage donations and help save lives.

Community members and groups are encouraged to participate in their own DecemBEARD. At the end of the month bring your beards and your proceeds to the Police Department for a “photo-opp” which we will post on social media. We will forward all funds raised during the months of November and December to the Cancer Resource Center.

Donations and funds raised for the Cancer Resource Center can be accepted in person at the Police Department at 300 Seminary Avenue, Monday through Thursday from 8AM until 12PM and 12:30PM until 4PM. Donations to the Cancer Resource Center of Mendocino County can be made online on behalf of the Ukiah Police Officers Association at In the field “In Honor Of”, enter UPOA (for the Ukiah Police Officers Association).